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• Does the sauna need a drain?
No, it is not necessary, but it may be more convenient for cleaning purposes.

• Why are saunas only recommended to be 7' in height?
Since heat rises, it is recommended to build a sauna no higher than 7' in height to avoid heating up wasted space.
• What kind of floor is appropriate in a sauna?
Cement, tile, some vinyls - anything that will not absorb water and is easy to clean periodically. Never use carpet.

• What makes a Linco sauna heater different than others?
Linco heater offers one of the largest rock capacities of any heater on the market. This allows for a more efficient heat and a softer steam when water is poured over the rocks.

• What types of rocks are best for sauna usage?
Rocks should be an igneous form of rock. Rocks having large surface area and with less mineral deposits is ideal.

• What is the average heat-up time for a sauna?
A sauna typically heats up in 30-45 minutes when the heater is properly sized. During this time period the rocks will be properly heated - for soft heat and soft steam - and the wood interior will be comfortably heated, too. (Note...outdoor saunas in cold climates or during winter may take longer to heat up).

• What ventilation is needed for a sauna?
It is recommended to have a cool air intake under the sauna heater as well as an air circulation vent on an opposite or adjacent wall.


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