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Chilled Shower

Chilled Shower is mandatory after Sauna and Steam bathing to get most rejuvenating experience. Chilled water pressure bath rejuvenates the body after a hot sauna or steam bath. Hot Sauna or Steam open the pores of the skin and Chilled Pleasure Shower cleans the skin & contracts the pores back to normal leaving behind a soft smooth, clean skin and a refreshing feeling. Research indicates that chilled water bath provides muscle simulation and also enhances mental ability reducing stress level.
Salient Features:

· Storage as per requirement
· SS. body storage tank
· Sealed type copland compressor
· Air cooled condenser
· Copper cooling coil
· Digital Temperature control

Chilled Shower Benefits:

· Improves blood circulation
· Relieves depression
· Keeps skin and hair healthy
· Strengthens immunity
· Increases fertility
· Increases energy and well-being
· Detoxifies your body
· Regulates temperature
· Weight loss

Our Chiller Units are state of art machines with varying capacity for large usage in a health club or for personal shower. The machine is incorporated with Hydro-pneumatic pressure pump. Temperature of shower water may be selected as per your own choice. Chilling plant is fabricated in various capacities.


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