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Steam Room Construction

Constructing the steam bath

The following are the typical components of a steam room with the recommended materials of construction.

1. Walls: Glazed ceramic tiles on plastered brick masonary/cement boards are ideally recommended. In case other materials like natural stones are used then the steam generator capacity almost doubles.“It is advisable to consult CUSTOMER CARE for selecting the correct steam generator in such cases”.

2. Flooring: Tiled floor with anti skid is ideal

3. Door: 5 mm toughened glass in aluminum frame or 5mm
wire glass in aluminum frame. Take care to ensure that there are no leakages in the steam door

4. Ceiling: 5 mm toughened glass in aluminum frame/ 5 mm wire glass in aluminum frame with an average slope of 6.5 feet height are recommended. The ceiling must be sealed with silica sealant to prevent leakages. The slope allows water from steam condensation to flow down the walls without dripping onto the bathers. Ideal slope is two inch in one running feet length.

5. Floor Drain: Provide a floor drain inside the steam room for cleaning purpose.

6. Exhaust Fan: Install an exhaust outside the steam room to provide protection for the walls, furniture etc from moisture.  

7. Lighting: the following options can be considered:
i.    Low voltage DC lights inside the steam rooms with vapor sealing
ii. AC lights above the false glass ceiling. Make provision for removing the glass ceiling on one part.
iii. Focus lights outside the steam room

8. Seating: seating can be in brick masonry with tiles or natural stones.
The following are the requirements for installation of the
Steam generator:

9. Location: The steam generator is wall mounted and an area of 2.5 x 1.5 should be provided at 6 feet above ground level. The steam generator must be located as close to the steam room/ enclosure as possible.


i. Water inlet near the steam unit. Water line can be of 0.5 inch CPVC/GI pipe.

ii. Steam line. For steam generators from 6 KW TO 9 KW
provide one 0.5 inch Copper / SS / GI pipe as close to the steam generator as possible. For 15 KW and 18 KW units provide 1.0-inch Copper / SS / GI pipe. The steam outlet into the steam room should be at 3 inches above the ground level, away from the walking and seating area.

iii. Drain line: The wastewater in the steam generator has to be discharged at frequent intervals. This will reduce scale formation and allow fresh water to enter the steam generator. The drain can be operated manually and automatically. Provide a 0.5-inch GI pipe connected to drain to flush out spent water. As wastewater is flushed out by gravity make sure the drain line is located below the steam generator.

11. Electrical:
i. Three phase power supply (720 / 4 sq mm / 6 sq mm wiring) ground earthing and neutral wiring.
ii. MCBs of required capacity.
iii. Conduits for sensor wiring and steam controller box.


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