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• What do I need a steam bath?
Modern lifestyle is characterized by heavy use of cosmetics, which clog the sweat pores. Dust and smoke pollution in transit also block the pores. Air-conditioned environment prevents the natural sweating process. A steam bath session helps to open up the pores and eliminates the toxins that can cause diseases. The skin gets cleansened and moisturized which gives a natural glow. It improves blood circulation which helps relieves body pains, improve skin and muscle tone. Steam bath can help to clear sinuses and nasal passages (similar to the affects of a humidifier) and can help you breathe easier. After taking a steam bath, take a hot bath for a good night sleep or a cold shower to feel invigorated.

• What is the difference between a sauna and a steam bath?
Hot rocks that emit a long-lasting heat, heat Sauna’s air. Because the humidity in a sauna is low, saunas are usually made of softwoods. In a steam room, the water vapor carries the heat. The wall construction is typically acrylic, tile, marble, or other stone. Steam rooms are much cooler than saunas although they often feel warmer.

• Won't the steam ruin my bathroom walls?
Your steam bath tub or shower enclosure needs to be sealed tightly with vapor tight doors that go all the way to the ceiling. Also, your walls and ceiling must have the correct construction material such as acrylic, tile, marble, etc. (see list of construction materials)

• Can a steam bath cure a cold?
Probably not. But it's certainly help, especially for clearing sinuses and nasal passages to make breathing easier. Remember the old method of treating a cold by breathing hot steam from a pot with a towel over your head?

• Will a steam bath ruin my hair?
Steam is moisture so your hair will get as wet as if you washed it.

• Do doctors recommend steam bathing?
Frequently. Steam bathing is known to be extremely helpful for people with respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies, etc. It can also help soothe muscles, rheumatism, bursitis, etc.

• How do I determine the size of the steam generator I need?
Multiply the room length, width and height to calculate the room cubic footage. Then, find the correct generator on the Linco generator sizing charts.

• How does steam-bathing rate for water use efficiency?
Very high. A Linco domestic series generator only uses about 1.5 liters of water during a 15-minute steam bath. By comparison, a shower uses up to 40 gallons during the same amount of time.

• How do I know if I have room for a steam bath and where does the steam generator get installed?
Space is seldom a problem. The steam generators are roughly the size of a small toolbox and can be installed up to 25 feet away from the steambath area. Only the small steam-head is visible in the bath or shower. The actual steam generator can be mounted out of sight in the attic, basement, and adjoining closet or under the sink. No additional floor space is needed if you convert an existing bath or shower.

• Why are steam baths only recommended to be 7' in height?
Since heat and steam rises, it is recommended to build a steam bath no higher than 7' in height to avoid heating up wasted space and having the entire steam rise to a part of the room that you are not sitting in.

• Why is it suggested to have a slope to the ceiling?
Steam rises in a steam room. If the ceiling is flat, then steam droplets will drop on the steam bather. With a sloped ceiling, the water vapor drains down the ceiling and down the walls.

• What is the average heat-up time for a steam bath?
An average steam bath will be ready for use within 2-5 minutes.


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